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1. Emergencies
From fixed phones:
Medical Emergencies / Fire Department: 112
Police: 110
Using mobile phones: remember to dial the local code before the number, for example:
110 to call the police in Nürnberg. Emergency calls from phone boxes are free of charge. If you do not know the local code, dial the general emergency number for mobile phones: 112. The operator will request the appropriate emergency unit.
2. Electricity
The standard power supply is 220 Volts, 50Hz.
Electrical sockets (outlets) in Germany (Deutschland) are one of the two European standard electrical socket types: The "Type C" Europlug and the "Type E" and "Type F" Schuko. If your appliance's plug doesn't match the shape of these sockets, you will need a travel plug adapter in order to plug in. Travel plug adapters simply change the shape of your appliance's plug to match whatever type of socket you need to plug into. If it's crucial to be able to plug in no matter what, bring an adapter for all three types.
Adapter for "Type C" European CEE 7/16 Europlug
Adapter for "Type E/F" European CEE 7/4 or CEE 7/5 Schuko
3. Public Transport
Your way to the conference hotel: Le Méridien Grand Hotel Nürnberg (Bahnhofstrasse 1-3, 90402 Nürnberg, Germany) The journey to the hotel couldn't be easier: Le Méridien Grand Hotel Nuremburg is located at the entrance to the historical Old Town and has direct connections to the metro, bus and tram lines right in front of its door.
Arriving by car
You can reach the A3, A9 and A6 motorways by car within 3 minutes' drive.
For guests arriving by car there is a public multi-storey car park opposite the hotel that they can use.
  • Costs per day: EUR 9.50
  • Parking 24h in public car park (GPS adress: Bahnhofsplatz 1, 90402 Nürnberg): EUR 17,00
  • Valetparking 24h: EUR 21,00
Arriving by train
Le Méridien Grand Hotel Nürnberg is located directly opposite the main train station (Hauptbahnhof). Just walk 200m to reach the hotel from the Bahnhofstraße (west) in the direction of Königstorgraben (3m) , turn left on Bahnhofsplatz (100m), turn left again to stay on Bahnhofsplatz and than turn right. The conference hotel will be on your left.
  • Distance to nearest U-/S-Bahn (metro/urban rail) station in km: 0.1
  • Distance to the nearest taxi rank in km: right at the hotel entrance
  • Distance to the nearest central train station in km: 0.1
  • Distance to the nearest motorway in km: 3
  • Distance to the nearest airport in km: 8
  • Distance to the trade fair grounds in km: 6.5
Arriving by airplane
Albrecht Dürer Airport Nürnberg (NUE) is 9 km away from Le Méridien Grand Hotel Nürenberg. By taking a taxi you will need about 25 minutes. By using the public transport system take U2 subway line that directly connects Nuremberg Airport with the central train station you will need about 12 minutes. A bus stop is located centrally in front of departure terminal 1 at the departure level. For further information about the public transport system in Nürnberg from and to the airport please click here.
Please note that the mentioned driving times depend on traffic and the timetable of the public transport. For further information about the public transport system in Nürnberg from and to the airport please click here.
4. Business Hours
Most shops, stores and museums are open between the openng hours mentioned below.
Monday-Friday 10:00 - 18:00
Saturday 10:00 - 16:00
Sunday closed, except for stores and shops in the airport and the central station.
The post office "Postbank Finanzcenter" (Josephspl. 3, 90403 Nürnberg) is open:
Monday-Friday 09:00 - 18:30
Saturday 09:00 - 14:00
5. Money needs
Automated Teller Machines (ATM) for foreign travelers
Travelers who carry internationally recognized credit cards (such as VISA and MasterCard) can get a cash advance in Nürnberg at Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) installed at banks, airports, major hotels, department stores, subway stations and tourist attractions.
To get an overview about the average cost of living in Nürnberg click here:
6. Climate
Nürnberg has an oceanic climate, which is influenced by the inland position and higher altitude. Winters are diverse with either mild or cold weather. In December the temperatures can be pretty frosty, especially during the night time. Sometimes it snows - so wrap up warm.
Source: http://www.wetterkontor.de/de/klima/klima2.asp?land=de&stat=10763